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    Our Aim
    Yunik Freight is dedicated to provide high-standart transportation services in United States.

About Us

Yunik Freight Inc with 20 years of combined experience has an excellent understanding of our customer's needs in the modern industry. Our team is well trained in providing transportation services to our valued customers. We specialize in full dry van and dedicated trailer transportation. Our company understands the best results come from the best truck drivers, and the best truck drivers come from being treated as such, and by focusing on their safety, salary and family time. Every day, we are implementing new ways to make our drivers and customers lives better, as well as contribute to our community.

Besides focusing on our customers and drivers, Yunik Freight also works with our mechanics to ensure our equipment’s safety and fuel economy is always above industry standard. A majority of our trucks are equipped with stability control and disk brakes. Average age of our fleet is between three to four years, and are all in excellent condition. Our trailers are equipped with side skirts, trailer tail, and super single tires to cut drag and increase fuel savings.


Our team is dedicated to provide best in industry customer service and transportation solutions.


Our equipment is updated with top industry solutions that help us to reduce cost of transportation.


We go extra mile to ensure that our customers receive their shipments in tamely manner.

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